25 thoughts on “KWC IWI Jericho 941 CO2 Airsoft Pistol Unboxing”

  1. is it full metal??? if not i would get the Beretta M84, its non blowback, 415fps, and full metal

  2. chris your the best and i watch itouchipods and combative airsoft on my other channel. im getting sick of u saying “lets get straighter into this” just saying

  3. @Javado21 nope..it would be like illegal..law man..if you don’t satisfied, got to with Obama.(kidding)but you can’t take the tip off so that any officer would take it as toy guns.. and for safety

  4. this was actually my 1st bb airsoft gun. i got it about3 yrs ago and i still have it and its still in good shape. wow im really happy:)

  5. you guys are dicks your watching the video not him and he’s not a nerd he is airsoft smart, ur probably a fat retard

  6. @gmoneyinvegas dude shut the fuck up he probally didnt have any co2 so if he didnt he couldnt shoot it so shut the fuck up

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