Browning M2 .50 Cal Airsoft Gun

Video Clips of the test firing of a homemade Full Scale Replica Browning .50 cal Aisoft gun capable of full auto fire . Details and plans available at my website or google john-tom
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Question by Tyler Ash: Should I buy my son a new airsoft gun?
My 12 year old son recently purchased an airsoft machine gun for 0 with his own money from his allowance that he’s earned from doing chores. Now he wants to buy an airsoft revolver for with his own money as well. Should I let him buy the airsoft revolver?

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Answer by fruitybootz
if it’s his own money then who cares?
he’ll learn what it’s like to buy something and then go without whatever he wants after that before he has more money
going off this, airsoft = life lessons

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One thought on “Browning M2 .50 Cal Airsoft Gun”

  1. Who cares? Well the parents should care, especially if its airsoft (ie: replica of guns).

    Who’s the fucking moron that answered that question… geez.

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