Airsoft Repair

For the newly initiated, airsoft gun repair can seem just like a daunting task. Even trying to find the problem can be very difficult for some, and the entire process may seem impossible. Broken airsoft rifles make for a very expensive paperweight, which would cost a lot in order to be sent to an expert airsoft repair service. This particular airsoft repair guide will help you to find the problem, and provide possible solutions to fixing your broken airsoft gun.

1) No sound is made when the trigger is actually pulled.

First, be sure your battery is fully charged as well as connected properly to the rifle. Test it with a multimeter to be sure it is at full voltage.

See if the fuse is still intact. This is a prevalent problem of airsoft guns, and should be the to begin with you check when starting airsoft repair. Find the fuse on the wire you connect the battery with. Open the fuse owner, and see if the thin piece of metal is broken. If it is, purchase a new fuse with the same rating. Be careful however, like a broken fuse means there was a short in the circuit somewhere. If another fuse blows, check the wires of the airsoft gun and find the spot the wire is shorted out.

The final step of this airsoft repair would be to check all wires when there is still no sound created upon trigger pull. Someplace in the circuit, the wire is not correctly connected, and is smashing the circuit. Check the fittings for the battery, and also the connection to the motor. Check the trigger get in touch with inside the gearbox as well as make sure they are functioning correctly.

2) A whimpering noise is heard, but the gun does not shoot.

Somehow, the gearbox is actually jammed. The first step associated with airsoft repair is to be certain there is not the BB jammed in the barrel. If a BB is actually lodged in the launching chamber, the nozzle can be jammed, which causes the actual gearbox to be unable to change. Use a cleaning fishing rod to shove down the barrel, and free any jammed BBs.

If your battery may have been reduced, the gearbox could have frozen while the piston had been pulled all the way back. Try charging your electric battery up to see if it’s enough power to repair the jam. If not, open the gun up until

you have access to the gearbox. There will be a hole looking into the gearbox near the top. Use a metal object to assist the motor push the piston back farther whilst pulling the trigger. Be cautious, if you are successful, the piston will begin capturing forward very hard.

If the previous steps of air-soft repair did not fix the whining noise, you will have to open the gearbox. Make use of a guide to expose and open the gearbox. Somehow inside, the gears are jammed somehow. Make sure your gears are correctly shimmed. Replace any faulty parts.

3) The airsoft gun dry fires, dual feeds, or jams BBs.

Begin the repair by checking your magazines. Load them with BBs, as well as release them by tugging the tiny lever at the feeding end. If it does not properly feed, try including silicon oil to the inside, or blowing the insides out with canned air. Some  magazines can also be opened up to be cleaned out and repaired.

Before continuing airsoft repair, make sure your own hop-up isn’t turned up too much. If it’s, loosen the hop–up so that the BB has room to get through into the barrel. Turn the hop-upward off to make sure it’s not the problem.

Be sure the BBs you are using are high quality. All the repairs in the world are not going to help you if you are using low  quality supplies.

Continue the repair by opening the gun up to the actual barrel and hop-up. Often times, problems in airsoft guns can be fixed by with replacing the hop-up. They can be obtained online for less than $10, and often times they will increase your precision much more over stock hop-up rubbers.

4) Semi auto / full auto/ safety selector is not working properly, or the gun tries to fire by itself.

Find the trigger circuitry, which is usually located inside the gearbox. Open it up, as well as study the way the fire selector works, and find where some metal is not making contact correctly. This  repair often entails twisting contact plates back into position, or replacing the trigger mechanism.

5) Shots curve left/ right.

Open and expose the gun barrel and hop-up system. Take apart the actual hop-up system, and locate the get up rubber which is installed around the barrel. Be sure the groove on the get-up rubber is actually lined up properly with the groove on the gun barrel. The rubber needs to be lined up perfectly.

If the barrel was cleaned recently, silicon oil may be used to conditioner the rubber. This will wear off eventually, and the airsoft gun will begin shooting correctly soon. Be sure to thoroughly clean your airsoft rifle regularly for the best performance, using this guide.

The last step in repairing an airsoft weapon would be to replace the hop-up rubber. As stated earlier, they may be found for less than Dollar10, and often considerably improve accuracy.

These are the main problems that newbies face with their airsoft guns. For other air-soft repairs, determine the problem, to see the area where the is being created. Open up the actual airsoft gun, and work to find the part that is not working correctly. Then, repair the part, or replace it.